15th March 2022

In a recent MPG blog, we covered why website analytics reports are critical for relevant and resilient marketing as they provide an understanding of your customers’ behaviours on your site, giving you insights into how your website – and the rest of your marketing – is performing.

If you’ve read our blog on the 15 metrics that really matter in digital marketing, you’ll have a good understanding of some of the fundamental metrics to measure around SEO, engagement, and conversion. Your website analytics reports, should go beyond these basic stats from your Google Analytics reports.

Over the years, Team MPG have helped many clients set up web analytics tools and reporting dashboards. These have given all stakeholders valuable insights to inform strategic and tactical decisions. 

Here we share with you MPG’s tried and tested website analytics process that has helped our clients build sustainable, growing businesses. Following this process ensures that:

  • Your analytics tools are well set up, and seamlessly feed into your marketing performance dashboards. 
  • Your website performs well and your content is highly relevant, engaging, and marketed with personalised messaging. 
  • Your business and marketing strategies are followed through with evidence-based decision making. 
  • Your marketing is a powerful engine for business growth.

Additionally, this approach should ensure that your marketing reporting dashboards are user friendly, efficient, and allow agile decision-making for website and campaign optimisation. Your revenues and profits should both grow as a result of smarter marketing investment decisions.


If investing in your website analytics is a strategic priority for you to set up your business to grow, please get in touch. Team MPG has website and analytics specialists who can help you get great visibility of your website and overall marketing performance and ROI.

Website analytics for a resilient marketing function: a practical guide

15th March 2022

Evaluate your website performance:

Download MPG’s website analytics processes and KPIs for resilient marketing:

  • MPG’s 3-stage process ensures you have data, systems, and integrations to access data points needed for resilient marketing.
  • Understand how your marketing initiatives are working to maximise your return on investment.
  • Get a list of the specific KPIs to drive evidence-based marketing decisions.

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