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Successful business leaders understand that having visible analytics that enable evidence-based marketing decision-making is essential for driving strong ROI and long-term, sustainable growth.

Why choose MPG for Marketing and Web Analytics?

  • Decisions about where to invest require adequate data, presented in a way that allows business leaders and marketers to find the right insights quickly.
  • Real-time analytics (ideally using GA4), enables ongoing campaign optimisation, ensures budgets are allocated well, and marketers can easily chase the ‘winners’ – and stop doing the things that are losing money! 
  • MPG’s team of marketing analysts have a wealth of experience and expertise in developing marketing dashboards that give business leaders and senior marketers critical insight into their marketing performance and ROI.

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Toby Daniels Founder Social Media Week (acquired by Adweek)

I cannot recommend MPG highly enough. Their commitment and unique expertise in data-driven, digital and integrated marketing has been very valuable to Social Media Week. They’ve been instrumental in helping us build our brand and community online and offline, and their product marketing performance has also been very strong. We’re delighted MPG has been on our team!

MPG’s approach to high performance marketing analytics



  • Starting with business strategy and commercial goals
  • Based on the above, defining marketing objectives
  • Setting marketing KPIs based on marketing objectives


  • Specifying dashboard scope, components and ideal process
  • Planning with relevant stakeholders
  • Setting up data, systems and integrations to access data points needed


  • Reviewing dashboards regularly, ensuring the following MPG formula is followed in how analytics and data provide value to the business:
    SO WHAT?

MPG’s marketers also create high-performance marketing strategies that cover:

  • Product positioning, messaging & branding
  • Target market mapping, database development & segmentation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Website optimisation and martech setup
  • Inbound and outbound marketing campaign planning
  • Commercial marketing performance metrics and KPIs

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