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Strategic business leaders understand that streamlining their marketing efforts through automation creates efficiencies, accelerates marketing activity and impact, and allows marketers to spend their time on value-creating activities.

Why choose MPG for marketing automation implementation and optimisation?

  • Reducing resource-heavy, manual tasks via automation allows marketers to spend more time on thinking, planning and executing tasks that grow revenue and create value.
  • Marketing automation isn’t just about efficiency! When based on your customers behaviours, preferences, and interests, automation can create a personalised experience for higher engagement. Automation also allows you to do a much higher volume of marketing, faster.
  • Team MPG has a proven track record in helping B2B organisations set up and optimise marketing automation for great impact. Whether optimising existing automation tools and campaigns, or implementing new marketing automation systems and processes, MPG’s martech experts are a safe pair of hands.

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MPG is an official HubSpot Partner

Having the right marketing tech in place is essential for success.
If you choose HubSpot as your tech provider, MPG can implement and help you optimise your use of this growth-focused tech.

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Jonathan Perry Global Marketing Director PEI - Alternative Insight

MPG did a great job assessing our digital marketing and marketing operations requirements – considering our business goals. They developed a robust strategy, followed by a practical operational roadmap to help us further improve how we use technology to support marketing and sales performance. It has been a pleasure working with the MPG team!

MPG’s marketing automation implementation and optimisation process


Requirements & Scoping

  • Defining objectives
  • Mapping ideal customer journeys
  • Evaluating internal processes
  • Create scope and plan, including customer journeys, data flows, messaging, and segmentation

Planning & Creative

  • Create detailed automation plan
  • Research possible solutions where integrations are needed to enable data flows
  • Write copy & produce design creative and templates

Set Up & Ongoing Optimisation

  • Implement automations, including integrations
  • Regularly review automation set-up and adjust based on performance against business goals

Some of the Marketing Automation & CRM platforms MPG work on:

  • Salesforce
  • Pardot
  • Hubspot
  • Eloqua
  • Zoho
  • Marketo

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Reduce resource-heavy, manual tasks and create personalised customer experiences with marketing automation! 

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