Marketing Strategy

High performance marketing that drives revenue growth and consistently delivers a strong ROI can only be achieved when based on a robust marketing strategy.

Why choose MPG for marketing strategy creation?

  • Marketing campaigns that are led by a solid marketing strategy will deliver better results. So, you need to invest well in marketing strategy development before throwing money at campaigns.
  • Defining marketing objectives, and developing a comprehensive plan for achieving these objectives, will enable effective campaign delivery and budget allocation.
  • MPG has a wealth of experience and expertise in developing high impact marketing strategies for B2B brands. Our deep analysis and rigorous approach gives business leaders peace of mind when making strategic investments in their marketing.

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Alex Hentschel Managing Director & Co-Founder Kademy

MPG have been a valuable marketing strategy partner to Kademy’s leadership team. They have helped us decide how best to invest in marketing based on the stage we’re at with our business, and have also given us very practical advice on various marketing initiatives around ABM, content marketing, social media, PPC and website optimisation. Having MPG’s marketing expertise plugged in to our business gives me confidence we’re moving our marketing function forward in the right way.

MPG's marketing strategy creation process


Ideation & Information Gathering

  • Understand business objectives and goals
  • Analyse past performance and customer insight
  • Identify opportunities for growth

Marketing Strategy Development

  • Define marketing objectives, targets and budget
  • Identify routes to market, purpose and timing
  • Provide recommendations for website, martech and database development

Marketing Strategy Implementation

  • Outline short term marketing priorities and longer term strategic objectives
  • Create actionable plan to set up, optimise and execute
  • Monitor performance of campaigns, tweak and optimise

MPG’s marketers create high performance marketing strategies that cover:

  • Product positioning, messaging & branding
  • Target market mapping, database development & segmentation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Website optimisation and martech set up
  • Inbound and outbound marketing campaign planning
  • Marketing performance metrics and KPIs

Our Marketing Expertise

Delivering winning marketing strategies, outsourced marketing and training to help B2B-community focused organisers engage, monetise and scale their target markets, audiences and customer base.

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    Anna Knight VP Licensing Informa Markets

    Working closely with our internal team, MPG developed a strong marketing strategy focused on achieving revenue growth for a key product in our portfolio – including recommendations for a virtual offering. We were impressed by the science and rigour they put into the process. I would recommend MPG as a good strategic marketing partner for a B2B brand.

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